Huuuge Profits in Emerging Markets as China Deal Falters

New trade alert below track record & summary of today’s closing trade!

EEM traded from $42.80 to $43.81 for a +$1.01 profit per share
Collar went from -$0.11 to -$0.17 for a -$0.38 loss per share
Net result = +$0.63/share on 3800 shares or $2,394 profit!

Key News: Markets are screaming higher on hopes of a deal but China is ambushing the US with last minute demands to drop previous tariffs. Perhaps just as important China lowered interest rates and appears to be taking steps towards increasing the supply of credit to boost asset prices.

New Trade Instructions

Per 100 shares of EEM

(1) Buy to close Nov 8, 2019 $44 EEM call, allow Nov 8, 2019 $42 EEM put to expire worthless

(2) Sell to open Nov 15, 2019 EEM $45 call and buy to open Nov 15, 2019 EEM $43 put.

Step 1. If you took last week’s trade close the position otherwise skip to the next step.

Step 2. Per 100 shares of EEM enter the following option collar.

This is our maximum risk/reward on today’s trade alert:

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