Trade Alert: China Strikes Back Full Blown Trade War Ahead

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Trade Summary:

Step 1. Buy To Close May 13th $279.50 Call Option 1 Contract per 100 SPY
– Profit (281.61-$283.01) $-1.40 on SPY loss per share
Covered call net profit $4.75-2.47 = $2.28 profit/contract ($125)
NET PROFIT $0.88 or $88/contract (.29% ROI on capital)

Step 2. Sell To Open May 15th $277 Call Options 1 Contract per 100 SPY
– Collect ~$5.62 credit with “baked into cake” profit of $25/contract.
($5.62 credit – $4.69 spy loss = $.93/share or $93/contract)

Step 3. For every 100 shares of SPY ETF you should own 1 SPY Put Option expiration July 19th strike $264, which is 1% of portfolio currently trading at ~$3.60/contract up 10% from our original trade alert but still good to buy today.

Today’s ROI 5.97% up $31,727…

Up $1,274 over the weekend from Friday’s 5.75% ROI…

Updated Track Record Results Since Launching 12/10/2018. Click here to view

How The Portfolio Builder Income Strategy Works

This trading strategy buys lots of SPY ETF shares and rents these shares out to call option buyers for 48-hour periods every Mon/Wed/Fri @ 12 EST with covered calls.

Our goal is to collect consistent retirement income and yield 10%-30% annually while carefully guarding the nest egg. Watch today’s video to learn more.

Trade Alert: Step-by-Step Written Instructions

Step 1. Get started by following Portfolio Builder’s tutorial guide here which will help you calculate how many shares of the SPY ETF you need to first purchase and track with your personal Portfolio Builder Income Platform spreadsheet.

Step 2. If you’re currently in our covered call trade alert cover this position so that we can write a new covered call today or if you’re assigned re-purchase your shares.

Step 3. Write one covered call per 100 shares of the ETF you own to collect income, watch video for details and analysis of why this strike was chosen for today’s alert.

Here’s how to buy our current long-term “sniper” hedge own 
1 per 100 shares SPY during trade war escalation.

Disclaimer: Our model portfolio is hypothetical so that we can legally demonstrate real-life trades without actually front-running our own clients. Trading is risky and you can lose your entire investment. These results are based on a hypothetical model portfolio and not real money trades. This is not financial advice. See full disclaimer here. 

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