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Bad News Sends Yesterday’s Trade Up $2,584 Overnight

Thanks to bad retail sales data breaking this morning and Beijing being unwilling to adjust IP Transfer laws the SP500 opened considerably lower sending our portfolio profits up!

Yesterday we wrote this covered call for $9.45 to protect against downside risk on the SPY.

Today we can buy it back for $7.96 for a profit of $1.52 per 1700 shares or a profit of $2,584 this morning, however I’m not covering the position until tomorrow around Noon EST.

If the SPY trades between $275.50 and $266 we will realize a nice profit tomorrow and as of writing this the SPY is trading at $273.97 with the biggest downside risk scheduled to hit tomorrow morning.…


Trade Alert: Collect $16,116 Friday. (Monday’s Alert Took 100% Profit)

Trade Alert: Buying SPY shares and writing covered call expiring Friday for $16,116!

Step 1. In our model portfolio we’re purchasing 1700 shares of the SPY ETF, yesterday our covered call was assigned forcing us to sell our shares for a profit this morning.

This is where we moved the closed covered call position:

This is where we sold and re-purchased our SPY shares this morning:

Owning the SPY shares outright would have outperformed but we still made out with a $3,740 gain on the ETF and a $884 100% gain on our covered call.…


Portfolio Jumps to $28,825 on Positive Wall/China News

New trade alert tomorrow, keep an eye on your inbox: Portfolio Builder’s Model Portfolio is now up $28,825 in the first 8 weeks of launching our new retirement income platform!

Click Here To View Track Record

After hours news that a government shutdown may be avoided and that China trade talks may be extended added ~4K in profits to our portfolio this morning!

Yesterday’s $272.50 covered call is now in the money as the SPY trades at $273 and if we managed to get assigned today we’ll get a $3740 profit on the stock sale on top of the $884 we collected from the $272.50 covered call expiring tomorrow.…


Trade Alert: Collect $884 Monday, Wednesday and Friday This Week

Rinse, wash & repeat!

That’s what we’re doing today. We were assigned on our covered call for a 100% profit this morning and now (in the first 8 weeks of launching) our portfolio is up $25,582.21!

(Click Here To View Track Record)

Here’s how I put Portfolio’s Income Platform to work today to generate $884.

First I moved the assigned covered call from the open option writing section of our platform to the closed section by just copy pasting the trade below.…


Trade Alert: Collect $1,292.00 Rolling Over SPY Trade (Plus Trump Drama Unfolding)

New trade alert below, at the bottom of today’s update & explanation.

Today’s trade alert buys back our open covered call for $0.01 realizing a 98% gain on the covered call and is entering into a new covered call that will collect $1,292.00 by close Monday.

We’re now up $22,910.21 after 6 weeks of launching our income platform!

See the new trade alert at the very bottom of this important update:

As long as the Fed is on pause and the other central banks are buying assets we have to assume the market goes flat or up and right now they’re all easing.…


Trade Alert: Front Run Corp Buybacks For Next 7 Days

New Trade Alert below, at the bottom of today’s update.

We’re now up 4.88% after launching on December 12th 2018, which by chance was right before a precipitous crash in equities, we emerged unscathed with a $25,630 profit!

Today’s trade alert will take advantage of the fact that volatility is relatively low right now.

I’m expecting the QQQ to rally with corporate buybacks pouring in for the next week, then a potential downturn due to heavy balance sheet rolloff scheduled by the Fed, and then a huge buy the dip opportunity near March 1st predicting positive China/US trade news.…


Trade Alert: Collect Another $1,460 Today, China Has Begun QE4!

New Trade Alert Below Today’s Explanation.

China and America were among a very small group of central banks in 2018 who managed to reduce their balance sheets.

The pain from these two banks vacuuming money out of the economy was felt worldwide and caused 98% of all assets to lose 20-90% of their value in 2018.

Anything traded in US dollars (almost everything) or the Chinese Yuan (emerging countries) quickly became repriced much lower in 2018.

After a full year of pain the Chinese are resorting to firing up the printing presses again to protect their financial markets from even more downside!…


Trade Alert: Collect Another $901 Today. (We Made $4,318 Yesterday)

New Trade Alert Below This Update:

This morning we were assigned on yesterday’s SPY ETF covered call trade alert.

We brought in a profit of $2,550.00 on the stock trade and $1,768 from our covered call for a total profit in a single day of $4,318 using ~$450K of capital.

Today we will nearly repeat the exact same trade ahead of Trump’s State of the Union speech which is likely to be full of hype and excitement to further drive markets!…


Trade Alert: Collect ~$1,768 Three Times A Week With SPY ETF

Trade Alert: Collect $1,768 Three Times A Week With SPY ETF

Today we have been assigned on our TBT covered call for a $4,500 100% profit.

Rather than repeating this trade, we’ve made a tough decision to go long the SPY for a greater potential return in the next 3-6 months.

To do this I’ve set Portfolio Builder to a 90% income and 10% cash setting.

I still believe stocks will see greater volatility in 2019 and eventually lower lows than the 2018 December crash, but right now central banks are buying assets aggressively and QE4 is now effectively already in play.…


Trade Alert: Rare Opportunity To Go Long VIX. Act Fast This Won’t Last

The Fed have never, ever “paused” a full hiking cycle. The always end up cutting. Each cutting cycle has led to a recession except mid 1990’s and 1987. Odds are in favour of the Fed having gone too far already and the stock market figuring it out in due course…

Unless real progress starts leaking from China directly I’m highly suspicious Trump will reject the trade deal, if there even is an offer, and delay talks or start tariffs in March.…

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