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What Our Members Are Saying...

We have a small, tight-knit community of smart, inquisitive and helpful investors, many of whom you can meet and interact with on our daily Q&A webinars! Here are several of their experiences with our advisory. 

Mark S.


“I’m up $83,000 today and that’s on top of $35,000 yesterday…”

Listen to Mark share his story during our Daily Q&A Webinar

“I’m up $83,000 today and that’s on top of $35,000 yesterday… Thank you because I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for you. I’d probably be losing money today.”

Donald D.


“Today was the first time I topped $100,000.00 profit in one day to my portfolio!

“I’m slowly putting more and more into this program with just under half a million invested…”

“I’ll tell you, everyone one of us needs to take our hat off to you guys because of the research that you are doing. I know I certainly couldn’t even come close to getting the amount of information on a daily basis that you guys do. I don’t know how you do it!!

“Today was the first time in my years of trading that I topped $100,000.00 profit in one day to my portfolio – Thanks to Portfolio Builder!”

Karen H.


“This is the safest way I’ve found to protect my account and still have upside…”

Listen to Karen share her story during our Daily Q&A Webinar

“I know I may not participate completely on most rips higher in the market but, over the long term, I will be at a better profit position because of the downside protection. And it’s easy. I have the opportunity to learn more or just take the daily alerts. That helps me when I travel. 

I see really good longevity & stability with what you’re doing and that’s a very, very comfortable feeling!!”
– Karen

Oscar V.


“I’m impressed with the program in that it takes the worry out of risking your capital…”

Listen to Oscar share his story during our Daily Q&A Webinar

“I am particularly impressed with the program in that it takes the worry out of risking your capital in a market that is driven by headlines and increasing volatility. Yes I can lose money but certainly not anywhere near the amount I could without this program.

My results have been equal to or slightly better than the overall market but with far less risk. What is better than that?”
– Oscar

Scott B.


“This is the only program I’ve been involved in that I see meeting my needs NOW and for YEARS to come…”

Listen to Scott share his story during our Daily Q&A Webinar

“What this is achieving for me in terms of my goals long-term is the consistent growth that we’re seeing each week, the simplicity of the advisory, and the confidence I have in your track record.

The biggest piece is the macro view you provide which not only makes me happy (because I’m really interested in the markets) but it also gives me the confidence in the long-term strategy of what this program offers – in that you don’t have a single strategy, that you’re adapting to market dynamics.”
– Scott

Murray H.


“The system has really PROVEN itself today and this week with the ability to make some money while everything is crashing… “

Listen to Murray share his story during our Daily Q&A Webinar

“I am very impressed… This proves the system that you are operating!”
– Murray

DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical, and your performance, if any, will vary depending upon many factors which include, but are not limited to, how closely you follow the recommendations, the price you paid / received, and commissions paid. There is also risk you will not make any money at all or could even lose money. In the event that a customer does not provide us with a usable picture or video/audio of themselves, the testimony presented are Actual Testimonials from our Customers but may be a represented by a stock photo or recorded by a third party. Testimonials may be edited for clarity or brevity. No one has been paid to share their stories. Our model portfolio is hypothetical so that we can legally demonstrate real-life trades without actually front-running our own clients. Trading is risky and you can lose your entire investment. These results are based on a hypothetical model portfolio and not real money trades. This is not financial advice. Some staff members of Portfolio Builder actively follow our trade alerts and receive them at the same time as our members via Telegram/txt/email delivery. See full disclaimer here. 

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