Bootcamp Study: Predicting The Future of Virus, Government Policy & Gold

The Morphing Virus Narrative

What Determines T-Helper 1 vs T-Helper 2 Response?

J.C. in the Woods: Birdsong at Sunset

Currency Wars: Lining Up the Dollar Dominoes (w/ Brent Johnson and Lyn Alden)

Gold’s record close above $1,900 – Ep 595

This info graphic really sums it all up…

A quote I found remarkable this morning:

Sven Henrich

“The reason propaganda works is because a certain percentage of the population is gullible enough to fall for garbage information if it is repeated incessantly over and over and over” 

“Worse: Once people believe garbage information they are virtually impossible to convince otherwise and facts won’t register & indeed are tuned out. And then the entire class is held back because all this energy is wasted on trying to neutralize the propaganda.”

Reporter on the ground: Feds are NOT randomly kidnapping protesters during Portland riots



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