Trade Alert: “Nailed It!” Windfall Profits, $4,063 in Past 48 Hours.

Previous Trade Results

All in all from our previous trade alert the following happened:

SPY went from $293.32 to $298.33 for a +$5.01 gain
Options went from -$0.21 debit to a -$2.41 debit for a -$2.62 loss
Net Gain = +$2.39/share of SPY or $4,063 of income on our 1700 shares in just the last 48 hours!

New Trade Alert Instructions

New Trade Alert Summary per 100 shares of SPY you own:

(1) Buy to close Sep 6, 2019 $296 SPY Call and allow Sep 6, 2019 $290 SPY Put to expire worthless

(2) Sell to open Sep 9, 2019 $301 SPY Call and Buy to open Sep 9, 2019 $295 SPY Put.

Gain of $2.39 per share over trading period or $4,063 profit on 1700 shares in last 48 hours.

Step 1. Close our previous option trade if you took our last trade alert, otherwise skip to step two, your put option should be worth .01 allow to expire worthless and just buy to close your short call option.

Step 2. For every 100 shares of the SPY you own enter one of the following option contracts.

This trade is designed to survive an Atomic Bomb and will only be managed Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Noon Eastern!



If you need help getting our trade alerts or have any other questions please contact us anytime at

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