Cover Up, Cover Up, Cover Up! USA/CHINA are Covering Up Coronavirus Outbreak

John Hopkins website has been delaying updating the confirmed case count all freakin day as the count from yesterday to today remains nearly flat across the board. Meanwhile, just from the new cases reported in Cruise Ships alone (at-least 3) every country’s numbers would double at a minimum instantly.

This is a cover up of epic proportions and with 87 billion in US treasury notes and bills to be sold I would not be surprised if they allow some bad news to flow out right before the auctions begin Tuesday 2/7/2020 and end Thursday 2/9/2020.

Our tentative plan is to be short SPY Friday-Wednesday, then flip back long Wednesday expecting the bankers to gap the SPY back up like we saw this week using the overnight futures market. At this time we may start applying puts underneath our TLT position if my predictions playout and the TLT has jumped up significantly next week.

Meanwhile, 500 million are now on lock down in China including their highest tech city Shenzhen and manufacturing powerhouse Guangzhou, the situation is getting worse by the minute.



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