Fed’s Plans to Deal With Global Slowdown.

1. Use Ameritrade Broker for free commissions and an easy to use platform and phone app.

2. Download the Youtube Phone app.

3. Download the Youtube TV app to follow CNBC, CNN, FOX and FOX BUSINESS if you don’t already get these channels through your cable provider.

4. Download Twitter and follow these guys. (Be careful not to oversubscribe you’ll have too much BS in your feed!)

5. Download the FREE Bloomberg app to follow currencies, commodities and bonds.

6. Download the Seeking Alpha app to build watchlists of your top stocks of interest and get a stream of more advanced research automatically in it’s feed 100% free.

7. Order a ROKU express for each TV in your house where you tend to hangout. For me it’s my bedroom and living room. Roku can access both Youtube and Youtube TV. Order here via Amazon

8. Consider having a second phone connected to a bluetooth speaker, the Youtube tv app cannot be closed and still use your phone so I tend to have CNBC playing for much of the day connected to my speaker so I can carry it around and listen to live TV during market hours and Youtube recordings after hours. Order here via Amazon

9. Get yourself a pair of bluetooth earbuds for listening to content while you’re walking your dog, driving to the store, they come in handy quite often! Order here via Amazon

10. Order yourself an Amazon FIRE HD or any other tablet for reading Zerohedge.com articles and any other books you want to buy. Order here via Amazon

11. Signup for these free newsletters

That’s a wrap for how to maximize your time and have a constant flow of information from many sources and viewpoints!

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