Module 2: Short Chinese Yuan For Massive Profits in 2020

Expect to begin entering into this position before the end of 2019 and to aggressively build into the position into early 2020 via our Friday exclusive Bootcamp trade alerts.

Heres your step by step instructions for gaining access to this trading instrument and how to place the trade when the time comes.

Step 1. Create an Interactive Brokers account and click on the menu button once logged into the platform.

Step 2. Click on the account settings button when the sidebar expands.

Step 3. From this page you can apply for the futures market, in this case, we want the futures market in the Hong Kong exchange to gain access to shorting CNH.

Step 4. After getting approval, which may take several days, you can go to the top of their web platform and type in CNH into the trading box to get a drop down menu.

Select the futures icon below “Unites States Dollar – IDEALPRO”.

Step 5. An initial trade box will populate and the first step will be to choose the last trading date, in this example I choose March 2021, however your Friday trade alerts will specify exactly which date to choose.

Step 6. After selecting the correct date click the CNH button below to visit the futures contract summary page.

Step 7. From this page you can see a chart of the futures contract and trading data, from this page you can click the trade button.

Step 8. We want to SELL CNH and not BUY so click the SELL ORDER icon that will be in grey to flip to a short CNH trade.

Step 9. Select a limit order and choose a limit price that is less than the red price (or equal to it at a maximum) but greater than the blue. Select good til cancelled then you can place the order and wait to get filled.

Watch today’s webinar replay for details on timing, how profitable or unprofitable this trade might be and why this is actually a 5-10 year move we can catch for huge profits as China desperately wants to become a world reserve currency.

That’s all you need to know for now!



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