Jeffrey Gundlach vs Brent Johnson – Will Dollar Rise or Fall in 2020?

Video #1: Jeffrey Gundlach’s quarterly Just Markets webcast is a must watch and was just released Tuesday of this week. His highest conviction trade in 2020 is a weaker dollar but also predicts rising yields on Treasury Bonds and strong returns in Emerging Markets, Gold & even thinks Bitcoin will hit $15K! Gundlach is very much in agreement with Stanely Druckemillers predictions released via a bloomberg interview recently.

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Video #2: Presents the counter argument to a weakening dollar, primarily based on massive amounts of offshore dollar denominated debt, which creates a never ending demand to pay interest in dollars. This argument was made popular by Brent Johnson but this video was put together and summarized well by George Gammon.

We are currently in the Gundlach/Druckenmiller camp betting on a weakening dollar…

Here is an updated module schedule with our next lesson releasing Jan 14th at 2pm ET and we also have our Weekly Q/A webinar this Monday Jan 13th at 2pm ET.

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