Bootcamp Study: Inflation, Deutsche Bank & More Repo Market Videos

Video 1: Peter Schiff sums up the great very well in ep 523 published Dec 30th.

A “fake trade war” which forced The Fed to cut rates and go into qe amidst record government debt is fueling a 30% gain in the sp500 in 2019 and likely to continue into 2020… It won’t last and we’ve studied what eventually spoils the party… great listen:

Video 2: Inflation kills stock and bond markets and causes revolutions like nobody’s business time and time throughout history. It’s most apparent in food prices right now.

Polymater is a great youtuber who makes especially great visuals vs just good audio content that are short and to the point.

This is a must watch video about food inflation in China:

Video 3: I’ve found a “rancher” in the US with a huge YouTube following who really knows his stuff in terms of finance and markets specifically commodities.

This video is about food inflation here in the USA:

Video 4: You’re worried about global warming? What if there’s a decade long cold move coming in from a “blip” in heat from the sun headed our way instead causing even more foot shortages and more inflation? Our farmer is worried it’s coming…

Video 5: Is Deutsche Bank the reason for this repo madness? Are they insolvent?

A great look at how leveraged stock and credit markets are and why you always want your put options below all of our assets and how Deutsche Bank, Softbank and HSBC bank are all tied into a financial time-bomb!

Video 6: More from the Farmer – he’s done a great video on the repo markets… many clips from many sources which together make this video a MUST WATCH.

Here is an updated module schedule with our next lesson releasing Jan 14th at 2PM ET, we also have our Weekly Trade/Module/Q&A this coming Monday Jan 6th at 2pm ET.



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