Bootcamp Q&A Webinar & 2020 Market Predictions

Today’s Bootcamp Q&A webinar reviewed our open bonus Bootcamp Trade Alerts which are still a buy and reviews our 2020 market predictions!

If you didn’t take our bonus trades you can still get that Trade Alert here:

Bootcamp Trade Alert: 5 Trades For 2020 With De-Escalation in Trade War

Also, it’s worth re-watching this interview with Stanley Druckenmiller.

Here is an updated module schedule with our next lesson releasing Jan 14th at 2PM ET, we also have our weekly trade/module/q&a this coming Monday Jan 13th at 2pm ET.

If you’ve just recently joined Portfolio Builder’s Bootcamp it’s recommended that you first start out by studying Module #1, Module #2 & Module #3. Module 4 releases Jan 7th.

For instructions on how to setup your Interactive Brokers account to short the Chinese/Hong Kong currencies make sure to review Module #2 & #3 links below for the full details/instructions!

Click either link below to access the first three modules right now:

Module #1 Covers the Big Picture Strategy For Portfolio Builder

Module #2 How To Short The Chinese Currency With The Futures Market 

Module #3 Hong Kong Forex Opportunity Safer Way To Short China

Our next Module 4 is scheduled to be released next Tuesday Jan 14th and our next Q&A webinar is Monday Jan 13th.

Please study our previous WEEKEND STUDY lessons here:

Please study our previous WEEKLY Q&A lessons here:

Module 4 is scheduled to be released tomorrow Tuesday Jan 14th and our next Q&A webinar is Monday Jan 20th. Expect a Bootcamp Trade Alert update Friday, likely no new positions as well as a new set of videos to study this Saturday.



If you need help getting our trade alerts or have any other questions please contact us anytime at

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