Module 4: How to Place All Options Trades (Pt 1)

Today’s presentation was just under two hours of options trading education where we help you better understand our top 5 trading strategies; the bullish option collar, the bearish option collar, the married put, the long call and of course the long put.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in your options trading education and will prepare you to understand and be able to execute 99% of the options trade alerts we may issue.

Part 2 will be premiered this coming Tuesday 1/21/2020 where we place each type of trade in the Think or Swim mobile phone app.

For instructions on how to setup your Interactive Brokers account to short the Chinese/Hong Kong currencies make sure to review Module #2 & #3 links below for the full details/instructions.

Click either link below to access the first four modules right now:

Module #1 Covers the Big Picture Strategy For Portfolio Builder

Module #2 How To Short The Chinese Currency With The Futures Market 

Module #3 Hong Kong Forex Opportunity Safer Way To Short China

Module #4: How to Place All Options Trades (Pt. 1)

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