Bootcamp Update & Review of Entire Program [12/09/2019]

In today’s Q/A webinar we reviewed how to get started with Portfolio Builders bootcamp educational program PLUS discussed our advisories trading strategy in detail.

If you’ve just recently joined Portfolio Builders bootcamp it’s recommended that you first start out by studying Module #1 and Module #2.

For instructions on how to setup your Interactive Brokers account to short the Chinese currency make sure to review Module #2 link below for the full details/instructions!

Click either link below to access the first two modules right now:

Module #1 Covers the Big Picture Strategy For Portfolio Builder

Module #2 How To Short The Chinese Currency With The Futures Market 

I also recommend that you study this weekend’s “Study Japan to Understand China” series of videos that supports Module #3 content tomorrow.

Study Japan To Understand Hong Kong Forex Opportunity

Tomorrow at 2PM ET (12/10/2019) we will be releasing Module #3 which will detail China’s “Greater Bay” strategy and the opportunity to short the Kong Kong Dollar.

The Chinese are building a 70M person, massive, ultra rich city aiming to connect Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau as Asia’s version of New York, San Francisco Bay & Las Vegas.

Shenzhen is China’s San Francisco for tech, Hong Kong is their New York City for finance and Macua is their Las Vegas, perhaps for money laundering CNH/CNY out of China. It’s extremely overleveraged and we’ll be teaching you how to short the HKD Hong Kong Dollar against the US Dollar USD using the Forex market.

You’ll get an invite to join us live one hour before the webinar begins this Tuesday at 2pm ET but if you can’t attend don’t worry, all modules are recorded and released via email several hours after the live presentation is completed.




If you need help getting our trade alerts or have any other questions please contact us anytime at

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