Bloodbath! Buy Crypto, Buy Stocks, Market Is Ready To Explode Higher!

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Bitcoin is crashing… stocks are crashing…. Buy the dip!

Investors are getting slaughtered right now, not just in crypto but all over the board, almost all assets are down in 2018 but this is a natural pullback after everything went up so rapidly in 2017.


Portfolio Builder is not changing it’s positions at all today, despite a Bitcoin Cash meltdown last night, cutting t’s value in half for a few hours but rebounding this morning. The market has absorbed the selling and may finally have hit a 2018 low last night.

Josh Rager who’s been predicting “maximum pain” has even started buying the dip.

While our losses in crypto are tough to swallow right now, it’s happened many times in cryptocurrencies and even Binance’s founder bought bitcoin at $1100 after selling his house to watch it immediately crash to $200, he held and in the long run prospered.

The price is still at $4,600 and $8 Billion dollars flowed through Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is alive and well. The biggest loser this week is a well known website that went bankrupt yesterday. All 290+ millionaires who had hundreds if not millions of dollars invested with just lost more than 100%”.

Here’s the chart that just wiped out which is an index of the natural gas market, they were selling naked put options and are completely wiped out overnight.

Over in Europe the entire banking system is in crisis and now down -28% in 4 months.

Dow Drops 500 Points – Back Below Key Technical Support

Warren Buffett’s #1 Position Is Getting Hammered, Apple.

The only cryptocurrency holding its ground right now is Ripple.

Bond market is getting hammered and for the first time in over a decade 1 year bonds are more attractive in China!

Deutsche Bank says 89% of all asset classes it tracks are negative this year – the worst year since 1901. Total global debt back in 2008 was about $173 trillion, worth about 280% of GDP.

Today total global debt is $250 trillion, worth about 320% of GDP. There is a tsunami of money heading towards cryptocurrencies as the underlying reason they exist continues to grow rapidly. Even just $1 trillion flowing into it would bring the market cap up 750% which will more than make up for the drawdown we’re having to stomach today.

Right now is the time to buy, the blood in the streets, it’s the best strategy in the long-term and right now there’s screaming deals on tech stocks and crypto.

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