Trade Alert: Long TLT GDX and Short EEM

Trade Update: Make no changes we remain long TLT and GDX “naked”, short EEM with inverted option collar and currently in a tight bullish SPY option collar. Trading is risky, see below for full disclaimer.

Position Update

  • Our “naked” long TLT position traded from $143.88 to $145.20 for gain of +$1.32/share on 3800 shares or an open profit of $5,016 in 4 trading days. 
  • Our “naked” long GDX position traded from $29.10 to $28.93 for a loss of -$0.17/share on 3800 sahres or an open loss of -$646 in 4 trading days, note spot gold is near $1600 and it costs gold miners around $1000 to produce an oz of gold.
  • Our bearish inverted option collar on EEM which is short the Feb 7 $40 call and long the Feb 7 $43 Put has a net return of +$0.12/share or $456 profit in 4 trading days.
  • EEM traded from $43.02 down to $42.60 or -$0.42/share on the underlying while the option collar started with a credit of +$2.43 and can be bought back for a debit of -$1.89 for a profit of +$0.54.

Keep in mind China’s stock market is closed until Monday which is when I expect the EEM ETF to take a big hit and could potentially sell off 30-50% in the next 3-6 months, which will be extremely profitable to our portfolio with an inverted option collar.



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