Trade Alert: Long Live Bonds, Gold & Short As Hell Asia

Trade Alert: Per 100 shares of EEM (1) Buy to close Feb 21 $40 EEM Call and sell to close Feb 21 $44 EEM Put (2) Sell all shares of EEM ETF (3) For every $75K following total strategy buy 2 May 15th 2020 $42 EEM Puts (4) Remain naked long TLT and GDX. Trading is risky see disclaimer below. 

EEM Trade Results

  • EEM traded from $44.31 (2.13.2020) to $43.63 (2.20.2020) for loss of -0.68/share
  • Our short EEM Call took a credit of +$4.33 and closed for debit -$3.63 for +0.70/share
  • Our long EEM Put paid a debit of -$0.34 and closed for a credit of +$0.45 for +0.11/share
  • Net Return = $0.13/share on 3800 shares or +$494
  • Emergency alert initially released on 1/27/2020 we went long naked TLT/GDX.
  • TLT started at 143.88 currently 146.77 (+$2.89) using 40% portfolio, 3800 shares, +$10,982
  • GDX started at $29.10 currently $29.83 (+0.73) using 10% portfolio, 3800 shares, +$2,774

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Here are screenshots of the options we’re buying and selling today:



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