Trade Alert: As Predicted Coronavirus Far Worse Than Reported

Trade Alert: Per 100 shares of EEM (1) Buy to close Feb 14 $40 EEM Call and allow Feb 14 $43 EEM Put to expire worthless. If assigned, re-buy your EEM shares. (2) Sell to open Feb 21 $40 EEM Call, Buy to open Feb 21, 2020 $44 Put. Make no changes to naked long TLT/GDX position. Trading is risky, you can lose your investment, see disclaimer at bottom of trade alert email.

EEM Trade Results

  • EEM assigned keep $3.90 credit, shares sold for $40 when initially valued at $43.87 when writing covered call, net return is +0.03.
  • Put option started as debit of -$0.28 and will expire worthless today.
  • You will have the same results if you’re not assigned.
  • Net result is -$0.25/share week over week using 10% of portfolio or 3800 shares or a portfolio loss of -$950.

How to place today’s trade alerts. Top image is the exit, and the Bottom image is the entry.

Gain up to $367.50 per $4,432 invested (+8.3%) and lose up to $32 (-0.72%).

Position Update

  • Emergency alert initially released on 1/27/2020 we went long naked TLT/GDX.
  • TLT at 143.88 currently 143.68 (-$0.20) using 40% portfolio, 3800 shares, -$760

  • GDX at 29.10 currently 28.42 (-0.68) using 10% portfolio, 3800 shares, -$2,584

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