Here’s How You Should Be Positioned – No Changes Today

Due to my family members staying home (potentially permanently) I have a truncated trade update today simply reviewing how I am positioned.

Per $75,000 TOTAL following Portfolio Builder, here is my capital breakdown.

#1. Per $75,000 total to invest, $30,000 is earmarked for Monday/Wed/Friday trade alerts, which would normally own the SPY ETF, but is currently in cash and slowly building a call option position in TLT/GLD.

I currently have one of the following call options open which are ALL still good to take today and cheaper than I originally purchased in model portfolio:

TLT ETF: Per $30,000 Open One Option Contract

  • Buy To Open 3/20/2020 $157 TLT Call
  • Buy To Open 3/27/2020 $157 TLT Call
  • Buy To Open 4/03/2020 $157 TLT Call
  • Buy To Open 4/17/2020 $163 TLT Call
  • Buy To Open 5/15/2020 $157 TLT Call
  • Buy To Open 6/19/2020 $160 TLT Call

GLD ETF: Per $30,000 Open One Option Contract

  • Buy To Open 4/9/2020 $158 GLD Call
  • Buy To Open 4/17/2020 $158 GLD Call

#2. Per $75,000,  I also have 40% of that capital ($30,000) for the US treasury market which I trade the long end of the market via the TLT ETF.

For every $75,000 in my model portfolio I own 200 shares of the TLT ETF.

The TLT ETF as of yesterday bought to open one Apr 17 2020 $145 TLT ETF put per 100 shares of TLT for downside protection covering us for the next 3 months.

I would still add that put today if I hadn’t done so yesterday. 

Now for every $100,000 total in my portfolio I also have the following speculative trade alert only given to Pro Members which is also still a buy:

Per $100K total in my entire portfolio I bought to open one Jan 15 2021 $170 TLT call option. 

#3. I’m also slowly adding to my Gold Miners position, and have 400 shares of GDX per 200 shares of TLT I own.

So for every $75,000 in my total portfolio I own 400 shares of GDX.

Those 400 shares of GDX are protected because I bought to open one May 15 2020 $23 GDX put per 100 shares of GDX in my portfolio.

If I were entering the position today I would buy the same expiration however I’d lower the put to be the $21 strike, which is the closest in the money strike as it’s currently trading at $20.80.

#4. Finally, a little plug for our Bootcamp program which issued a trade alert to invest 1% of your total capital into a long-term QQQ put option that’s now up ~500%.

The trade alert was issued March 3rd to buy to open the $150 Dec 31 2020 QQQ put starting at a value of $2.95 is currently worth $17.50 or enough to offset all of the drawdown we’re currently experiencing in the TLT.

I will have all of our track records updated for tomorrow’s trade alert but today I wanted to ensure we all have the correct positioning. 



If you need help getting our trade alerts or have any other questions please contact us anytime at

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