I’ve adjusted our buy/hold portfolio which uses NO options and only makes adjustments on Monday’s to position for further downside in global equities.

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Here’s our updated returns thus far with the TLT and GDX providing a nice pop today!

In my buy/hold portfolio I have a total deposit of ~$100,000 which makes it easy to break down all investments into lots of $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000.

For every $1,000 I have $400 designated for US equities or 40%, I have $400 designated for US treasuries or 40%, I have $100 designated for commodities or precious metals or 10%, and another $100 designated for Emerging Markets or a final 10% allocation.

Per $1,000 following the buy/hold I currently own the following ETFs as of today:

  • 6 shares of the inverse technology ETF TECS
  • 1 share of the inverse bank ETF FAZ
  • 2 shares of the inverse chinese ETF YANG
  • 3 shares of the 30 year treasury TLT
  • 5 shares of GDX gold miners ETF
  • $166 now in USD/CASH

The total cost to build this complete portfolio is ~$844 at current prices leaving $166 in cash at current, this portfolio is now heavily overweight in the TLT position and will have very few changes in ratio changes for quite some time.

As various assets go up or down in value we’ll see the asset concentration per class go up or down and I will continue to maintain these ratios until conditions have warranted significant changes to positioning.



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