Trade Alert: SPY ETF Meltup Continues We Brought in $1,691 Profit

New Trade, per 100 shares of the SPY you own

  • Step 1. Allow your Feb 19 $333 SPY Put Option to expire worthless
  • Step 2. Buy to open Feb 21 $336 SPY Put Option

Notes: Expecting SPY to melt-up, put option will lose value, all profits will come from SPY ETF rising in value. Short-term target for SPY now $345-$350. Trading is risky, check email for disclaimer.

Today’s Trade Results:

  • SPY traded from $337.51 to $338.76 (+1.25)
  • Option Protection -0.36 initial debit expiring worthless today
  • Net Profit Today:+$0.89/share in past 48 hours
  • In our model portfolio 1900 shares or $1,691 profit in the past 48 hours.

View Our Monday/Wed/Friday SPY ETF Track Record Here

Here’s how the order looks like using Ameritrade’s Think or Swim iOS app

Here’s a look at the option chain:

We trade this position every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12 ET!

Buy & Hold Bonus Portfolio Instruction Update

If you’re following our program with buy and hold and no options trading our current allocation is 1 share of SPY, 2 shares of TLT, 2 shares of GDX, 1 share of YANG and $44 in cash per $750 approximately in your portfolio.

View Our Higher Risk, Higher Return, No Options Buy/Hold Track Record



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